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We are pleased to invite you to an extraordinary event accompanying the 20th Forum of European Cinema ORLEN Cinergia, which will take place on November 27 at the music club-restaurant-art gallery Lokal. The attendees will be able to watch a screening of the film Nuntius, accompanied by a live concert given by legendary figures on the electronic music scene: Jimi Tenor and Jori Hulkkonen. The event will take place as part of the Polish Original Film Song Competition KamerTon, as well as part of the celebrations of Finnish Days in Łódź. This year an entire section of the Forum of European Cinema ORLEN Cinergia will be devoted to Finnish cinema.


Nuntius is a 60 min film starring the Finnish futurist actor Mr Normall. The film is exclusively shown with live sound performed by electronic music maestros Jimi Tenor and Jori Hulkkonen. This film is an event that one must experience live in person. One cannot stream it or watch in YouTube.  

Nuntius is a futuristic road-movie, shot in 2014 around Finland. In the spirit of Godard the film didn´t have a script and the story came about via improvisation.  It is in effect a silent movie. Tenor and Hulkkonen were inspired by silent films such as Chien D’Andalou, Nosferatu and Metropolis. Other inspirations from more modern film making would be Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible, Tarkovski’s Solaris and Kubrik’s Space Odyssey 2001

Following the screening and the concert there will be two more performances: by the producer from Łódź Capitan Commodore and by the cofounder of the diskollektive collective DJ Mmx. There will also be live video by mac.umatic. Admission to the concert and to the party is free.


Finnish musician and composer, who has functioned outside the mainstream since the onset of his career, nevertheless gaining widespread admiration. He is a well-known experimentalist, classically trained and combining in his works elements of electronic music with afrobeat, jazz and funk. His interest in visual arts resulted in making the film Nuntius, among other projects. The artist was connected with Łódź where in 2000 he recorded the album Out of Nowhere with the Łódź Symphony Orchestra.


Finnish DJ and producer, who collaborated with such electronic music artists as John Foxx, Jose Gonzales or Jesper Dahlbäck. He created close to a hundred remixes for musicians representing various styles; he co-wrote and co-produced both of Tiga’s albums. In the past couple of years he has assembled the Acid Symphony Orchestra, an experimental avant-garde techno ensemble of eleven persons, featuring ten Roland TB-303's, performing a raw score written, conducted and mixed by Jori.


Music created by Mariusz Socha, the artist from Łódź also known as Capitan Commodore, can be described as classic electronic music based on the sound of analogue synthesizers, on the pop-rock music of the 80s and contemporary dance and non-dance electronic music.


Co-founder of the diskollektive collective, DJ, promoter, radio show host at Radio Żak. He has been working as a DJ for the last 10 years, selecting music from the nu disco, house and electro genres. Diskollektive toured Portugal twice and collaborated with many well-known Polish and foreign musicians.

LIVE VIDEO: mac.umatik


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