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This year marks the 100th anniversary of Ingrid Bergman’s birth. Swedish director Stig Björkman decided to celebrate it by making a documentary which was presented at the last edition of the New York Film Festival. Everything began in 2011 in Cannes where Björkman met Isabella Rossellini. The idea for the film came from her. Ingrid Bergman. In Her Own Words is a moving biography documentary inspired by the diaries of the Hollywood legend, who started her career in her native Sweden and later became one of the most recognizable actresses of US and world cinema, thanks to the film Casablanca, among others. We would like to remind that during the 20 Forum of European Cinema ORLEN Cinergia Björkman will present his documentary on the Danish film director Lars von Trier. We strongly recommend this picture as well as the entire festival section devoted to Dogme 95. 

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