Orlen Cinergia




Pod elektricheskimi oblakami

Russia, Ukraine, Poland 2015 137 min

DIRECTOR: Aleksiej German, Jr.

SCREENPLAY: Aleksiej German, Jr.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jewgienij Priwin, Siergiej Michałczuk

CAST: Louis Franck, Merab Ninidze, Piotr Gąsowski

PRODUCTION: Metrafilms, Linked Films, Program Pierwszy Rosja, Apple Film Production, Telewizja Polska


Russia in 2017. The world could be on the verge of a great war. People are anxious that things could fall apart. Wandering around an unfinished building, a diverse group of outsiders struggle to find their place in this rapidly changing society, making up the mosaic of existence that is life itself... Alexey German Jr. shares his view of Russian culture and politics by reaching deep into the human soul.

Aleksiej German

ALEKSEY GERMAN, JR. Born in 1976 in Moscow. He studied at the Russian Film School. His feature debut Paper Soldier was premiered at the Venice Film Festival where in 2008 he received the Silver Lion for Best Director and the Osella for Best Cinematography. 

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