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Crache Coeur

France, Poland 2013  80min

DIRECTOR: Julia Kowalski

SCREENPLAY: Julia Kowalski


CAST: Liv Henneguier, Andrzej Chyra, Yoann Zimmer, Artur Steranko

PRODUCTION: Les Films de Françoise

Raging Rose 

Józef, a Polish man in his fifties, arrives in France not only to work in construction, but also to find his son Roman whom he had abandoned fifteen years earlier. He asksthe construction foreman’s daughter Rose to help him with his search. But the girl ends up falling hopelessly in love with Roman, and uses the information from Józef for her own ends.

Raging Rose

JULIA KOWALSKI Born in France in 1979. Her both parents are Polish. She begun the search for her artistic identity with a documentary Międzylesie, Au milieu des bois in which she returns to her Polish roots. Since then she has been exploring her favorite topics: the connections between Poland and France, growing up, family, and sexuality. Her short Musique de Chambre, was presented at many festivals, e.g. Clermont Ferrand. Raging Rose is her first feature film.

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