Orlen Cinergia





Russia 2014  140 min

DIRECTOR: Andriej Zwiagincew

SCREENPLAY: Oleg Negin, Andriej Zwiagincew

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Mikhail Krichman

CAST: Aleksey Serebryakov, Elena Lyadova, Roman Madyanov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov

PRODUCTION: Non-Stop Productions


Kola lives with his wife Lila and his teenage son in a town in northern Russia. He loses his wooden house by the bay during a trial. He calls his friend Dimitri – a lawyer from Moscow – and asks for help. The man’s arrival seems to bring further misfortune. A corrupted mayor forces Kola to leave town and Dimitri turns out to be his wife’s lover. It’s a story about a simple man’s fight for his rights with the authorities. The title Leviathan refers to contemporary Russia – a ruthless monster that consumes everything.

Andriej Zwiagincew

ANDREY ZVYAGINTSEV was born in 1965. He graduated from the Novosibirsk Actors School and moved to Moscow to become an actor. He directed several episodes of a popular TV series and was asked to direct the feature-length film The Return which won the Golden Lion during the Film Festival in Venice in 2003. After that he started writing and directing his own movies which received various awards. His most popular films are The Banishment (2007), Elena (2011) and (the most recent) Leviathan (2014).

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