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Cesta do Říma

Czech Republic, Poland 94 min

DIRECTOR: Tomasz Mielnik

SCREENPLAY: Tomasz Mielnik


CAST: Václav Hrzina, Petr Slavík, Berenika Kohoutová

PRODUCTION: Mikuláš Novotný

Journey to Rome

Vašek is a nice ladwho turns into thief when he falls in lovewith a femme fatale called Ginger: armed with a false moustache, sunglasses and a stolen painting, he gets on a train to Rome. The train compartment is full of passengers keen to impart their life stories – to him or to anyone who’ll listen. Spiritual comedy, railroad movie, a polemic on our journey through life – Tomasz Mielnik’s feature debut is all these.

Tomasz Mielnik

TOMASZ MIELNIK Born in 1980. Studied art history at the University of Wrocław. He then moved to Prague where he completed his film directing course at FAMU with the feature Journey to Rome. During his studies he made several shorts: On Sunday (V neděli, 2008), Remembering Mother (Vzpomínkanamatku, 2008) and Anonymous (Anonym, 2009). His short documentary Conductor (Dyrygent, 2009) came out as a supplement to a monograph on the theatre director Jerzy Grotowski. The film that earned him his bachelor’s degree, Girl 180 (Holka 180, 2010), was shown at festivals around the world, including the Molodist IFF in Kiev. In 2013 Mielnik attended a workshop organised by the International Filmmaking Academy and headed by Bernardo Bertolucci, Gian Vittorio Baldi and Abbas Kiarostami.

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