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Henkesi edestä

Finland, Ireland  2015  92 min

DIRECTOR: Petri Kotwica

SCREENPLAY: Petri Kotwica, Johanna Hartikainen


CAST: Laura Birn, Mari Rantasila, Eero Aho



Lauri and his wife Kiia are speeding down a country road, because the woman is in  labour. Suddenly Kiia hits something. Lauri leaves the car to check what happened but when he comes back he tells his wife he saw nothing on the street. At the hospital Kiia meets Hanna. Hanna’s husband is in a coma. He is a hit-and-run victim. Kiia tries to be helpful. What will happen when the truth comes out?

Petri Kotwica

PETRI KOTWICA was born in 1964 in Parainen. He studied philosophy, literature and theatre directing at the University of Helsinki and film directing at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. He is a Finnish director and scriptwriter who made several prize-winning shorts, including Tunnel Vision (1995), Helmet (1997), Las Nueve Vidas (1999). In 2005 he made his feature debut Homesick, which also received awards at various festivals. The next film Black Ice was presented at Berlinale in 2008.

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