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From limits to fortune! This is the briefest summary of the concept of the Forum of European Cinema ORLEN Cinergia. And it is not only about the fact that small budgets force greater creativity (because if it becomes a rule, it gets the negative meaning, and in the long run causes more harm than benefits). The point is, this is the only festival in Poland, dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to the presentation of cinema from the Old Continent. This aware resignation, strange to the other (with all the respect) big film festivals in Poland and worldwide, is imposed by the concern for the audience, so they can get a clear opinion regarding the essence of the European cinema phenomenon. We turn this limitation into our trump card.

The programme of Cinergia is not a bag where we throw everything, like films from Romania, Greenland, Republic of Chad and Thailand. It doesn’t offer insane amount of films that an average viewer would never be able to go through, so they are forced to let go numerous titles which they would love to watch, and they feel bad knowing that they will not be given a chance to watch them anywhere else. Besides, the phenomenon of the European cinema is not easily defined nowadays. Due to the blurred borders, numerous co-productions and migrations of various ethnic groups, the national cinematographies practically vanish. New fellowships and local communities are created, with their own heroes, problems, traditions, lifestyles. New Europe Cinema benefits from this situation to the full. Moreover, it eagerly enters mutual relationships, affairs and romances with Asian and African cinematographies. Hollywood is no longer the only Mecca for the European filmmakers. The geography of the contemporary cinema changes, although the old European priorities, with the main one considering the cinema as an art, remain the same.

Cinergia endeavours to accompany all these fascinating processes and transformations. Thanks to the focus on the specified space area, it is much easier to catch these phenomena and give our own answer to the question: what is the contemporary European cinema? Or what is it not anymore? How is it changing? What stereotypes related to it were planted in our minds and which are being created right in front of us? After all, it is also our film and cultural Europe. As well as the identity, which we still search for together with other Europeans; and the cinema makes a perfect medium for that.

Event organizers are: Łódź Filmowa Association, The City of Lodz Office, The Marshal's Office of the Lodzkie Region, National Audiovisual Institute, The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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