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We are following with interest the newest Turkish productions shown at the Venice Film Festival. Last year during the 19th edition of the Forum of European Cinema Cinergia, as part of the 100th anniversary of Turkish cinema celebrations, we presented the most interesting pictures of this, in our perception, still exotic cinematography. These included Beyond the Hill by Emin Alper, which was recognized as one of the best Turkish debuts in recent years. This year in Venice Emin presented his second film Frenzy. It’s a fascinating although depressing story of two brothers. The older brother returns home after spending 20 years in jail and finds a job at a waste sorting plant while the younger works with a group of dog catchers in Istambul. The director said that he wanted to show how a sick political and social system transforms the lives of ordinary people, making them become cogs in a mechanism of violence, and how it influences their relations.

Innocence of Memories

Still from Innocence of Memories

In Venice we also had the opportunity to attend the world premiere of the adaptation of Orhan Pamuk’s novel Innocence of Memories directed by Grant Gee. The full title of the picture is Innocence of Memories - Orphan Pamuk’s Museum & Istanbul. While writing his first novel Orhan Pamuk, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006 and probably the most recognizable Turkish writer in the world, was at the same time creating The Museum of Innocence, which finally opened in 2012. Its collection includes mainly souvenirs connected with the love story of the novel’s two protagonists, dating back 30 years, as well as books, photos, newspapers and records evoking the atmosphere of Istambul of that time. The film will be shown in Poland, it already has a distributor. It’s incredibly vivid, moody, visually captivating and enchanting with the melancholy of Gezi Park, where the protagonists meet.

Mariola and Orhan

Director of Cinergia Mariola Wiktor with Orhan Pamuk in Venice



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