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A year ago Carlos Saura couldn’t come to Łódź to take part in the 19th edition of the Forum of European Cinema Cinergia, during which a retrospective of his works was presented. Antonio Saura, his son and the producer of several of his films, accepted the Złoty Glan Award in his name. He also took part in a meeting at the Łódź Film School, during which he talked about working with his father on the set of his films such as Fado or Carmen. Carlos Saura couldn’t come to Łódź last year due to the fact that he was in the course of shooting the film Argentina, which is currently being presented in Venice. Antonio Saura is the film’s executive producer. It’s the next production in the series of the Master’s musical films such as Tango or Flamenco, Flamenco. This time the director introduces us to the realm of Argentinian music and folklore. We usually associate this country with the tango, but, as the film shows, Argentina’s music is a mix and collage of a multitude of sounds, rhythms and melodies from all around the world. A keen ear will be even able to detect Jewish melodies, which came to Argentina with immigrants from Poland, Ukraine and other East-Central European countries. Unlike in the case of Tango, there are no elements of fiction in Argentina.  


Still from Argentina

“There are two types of musical films,” Carlos Saura told us. “Those, in which music shows us the emotions of dancers, brings out their richness. This is what happens in Tango. But there are also films such as Argentina, musicals closer to the concept of pure, non-literary and nonlinear cinema, which stimulates the audience through choreography, lighting and sound, engaging their creativity and imagination. Tango as well as jazz are such genres, constantly evolving, bringing something new and that’s why probably people still want to listen to them and meet at milongas.”

Mariola and Carlos Saura

Director of Cinergia Mariola Wiktor with Carlos Saura in Venice

Carlos has a real passion for music. He knows everything about it. When he talks about it he intones the sounds, strikes the rhythm. You can feel that it makes him happy, energizes him. It seems that Argentina will not be his last word. The Master dreams about making a film about, for example, Cuban or Gypsy music, especially that created by Spanish Gypsies, who came back from India.

In an interview for the Variety magazine from September 7, Carlos Saura said that his greatest dream is creating a cinematic experience unlike any other. And he is among the very few who manage to do that. 

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