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Giving our support to Sergei Loznitsa in Venice!

Although Sergei Loznitsa’s new film is not running for the Golden Lion, we still keep our fingers crossed for it to be very well received on the Lido. It’s not only due to the fact that Sergei was a member of the jury at Cinergia last year or the winner of the Crystal Boat for the Best European Debut for his film My Joy several years ago. We are happy that all of his subsequent productions have gained such recognition and continue to be invited to international film festivals. In July we wrote about the success of Sergei’s documentary The Old Jewish Cemetery at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Today he received good reviews for his newest film The Event, which will have its Polish premiere soon and was bought by Against Gravity. We really recommend watching this very interesting documentary. Loznitsa uses a collage of archive footage to illustrate the reaction of Russians in Leningrad to Janajew's putsch in 1991. It was fortunately an unsuccessful attempt at keeping the USSR alive. After the fall of communism and the initiation of a democratic transformation by Mikhail Gorbachev the crisis of political power was deepening and the leader himself had to confront the party hardliners, who tried to restore the rule of Soviet apparatchiks. The film doesn’t present the inside story of this dramatic attempt at a military coup but rather concentrates on the Russians’ emotions, on ordinary people, social divisions, differences of opinion, the influence of Soviet propaganda and the opposition to it in the form of free radio stations and media. Those who will watch the film closely will be able to spot Vladimir Putin himself, 24 years ago, still unknown to the public, a taxi driver and an assistant to the mayor Moscow.  While waiting for the screening of The Event we met Antonio Saura, the great master Carlos Saura’s son and the producer of his films. Antonio was our guest at last year’s Cinergia where he spoke about his father’s films. In Venice he came to watch Loznitsa’s film, as he promised during his stay in Łódź. As our Spanish guest assured – Cinergia is one of the best film festivals in which he took part. It’s a very pleasant thing to hear!

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