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Agnes Varda’s film in Venice

This is quite a sensation! Seven years after the completion of the feature-length film The Beaches of Agnès, which we showed at Cinergia two years ago, this great French director also called the godmother of the French New Wave, showed a short film called The Three Buttons. This is quite remarkable, as Agnes is currently involved mainly in creating video installations and multimedia exhibitions. It’s therefore a sort of return to feature film, although the director herself would probably be indignant at such a definition. The Three Buttons tells a story which is partly magical, partly surrealistic, but not devoid of realism at the same time. The protagonist loses three buttons from her dress, each of which represents a wish resulting from a yearning for happiness, which is sometimes closer than we think. It’s a very beautiful and simple story about the fragility and transience of happiness, but also about the ability to recognize it in the simplest things.

Agnes Varda

Agnes Varda

The Beaches of Agnès, which we presented at Cinergia, can be seen as the director’s film autobiography, while Vagabond (also shown at our festival) with the great Sandrine Bonnaire is an attempt at capturing the protagonist’s defiance against the French bourgeois society.

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