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Jerzy Skolimowski’s newest picture 11 Minutes has just had its premiere in Venice. News reached us today that apart from being shown at the Gdynia Film Festival, the picture will appear at festivals in Toronto and in London. The film is a collective portrait of the inhabitants of a metropolis and depicts all of the neurosis, fears and threats connected with living in a big city. However, as the creators of the film stress, the entire action of the film takes place during 11 minutes, which on the screen have been stretched over one hour. The picture is rather spectacularly made but is the plot itself as interesting? We highly recommend watching the film, which will enter regular distribution on October 23. We also wanted to remind that Jerzy Skolimowski is a filmmaker whose works are close to Cinergia’s concept of auteur cinema. One of his films, Walkover, was presented during the 16th edition of the Forum of European Cinema.




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